Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Option to get a Windows installer from a Petri dish build?
From: Peter Wu <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2019 12:50:32 +0100
For time time being you can create an AppVeyor account and push to GitHub. Pushing to any branch except for master will create an Installer in the artifacts tab.


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On April 14, 2019 10:10:30 PM GMT+01:00, Guy Harris <[email protected]> wrote:
>Sometimes a developer may have a change to fix a bug, and the user who
>submitted the bug may not be in a position to build Wireshark from
>source to test the fix; see, for example, recent comments on bug 12845:
>	https://bugs.wireshark.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=12845#c55
>"The change hasn't been merged yet so there are no automated builds
>that have it included.
>You would have to make your own build, applying the change first."
>	https://bugs.wireshark.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=12845#c56
>"That's unfortunately beyond my capabilities. Can you or Tomasz send me
>an installer (or just the binary if there are no external dependencies)
>of a version with this patch included to test whether it solves the
>issue? It might still be less work than creating the test extcap
>executable responding with my device lists."
>Would it be possible to have an option in Gerrit to request a Petri
>dish build that builds the Windows installer and saves it somewhere
>such as
>	https://{download site}/download/petri/win32
>with either 1) a maximum number to store there, 2) a timeout so that a
>given installer is only there for N days, or 3) an option to remove it,
>so that users not in a position to build from source can test it? 
>Perhaps the installers should have names such as
>	Wireshark-win64-3.1.0-{change number}.exe
>to make it clearer which build to get (and with a new build for a given
>change overwriting the previous build).
>This wouldn't help for users with 32-bit Windows or with macOS, as we
>don't have 32-bit Windows or macOS Petri dish builders, but, if that
>matters, that could be the next step.