Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] failed assertion "save_desegment_offset == pinfo->desegment_offs
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From: 张涛 <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2018 02:51:51 +0000

Dear Experts,

    I am building my Lua plugin for Wireshark, but I got a failed assertion below:

    [Dissector bug, protocol TCP: /build/wireshark-rjGTDh/wireshark-2.6.3/epan/dissectors/packet-tcp.c:5591: failed assertion "save_desegment_offset == pinfo->desegment_offset && save_desegment_len == pinfo->desegment_len"]

    Our prorotocol is top on TCP and has a length code in. so I want to get enough bytes for my dissector.

At first, I use pinfo.desegment_len = missing_bytes and return nothing, but got the assertion.

Now, I am using dissect_tcp_pdus, still got the problem.

I attach my code below and look forward to your reply.

Thank you very much and sorry to bother you.

Here is my code:

         local neop2p = Proto("NEO", "Neo P2P Protocol")

        neop2p.fields.magic = ProtoField.uint32("neop2p.magic", "MAGIC", base.DEC, NET_TYPE)
        neop2p.fields.cmd = ProtoField.string("neop2p.cmd", "COMMAND", base.UNICODE)
        neop2p.fields.length = ProtoField.uint32("neop2p.length", "LENGTH", base.DEC)
        neop2p.fields.checksum = ProtoField.uint32("neop2p.checksum", "CHECKSUM", base.DEC)
        neop2p.fields.payload = ProtoField.string("neop2p.payload", "PAYLOAD", base.ASCII)

        local function neop2p_dissector(buffer, pinfo, tree)
            local L = buffer:len()
            local magic = buffer(0, 4):le_uint()
            local cmd = buffer(4, 12):stringz()
            local length = buffer(16, 4):le_uint()

            local p2p_tree = tree:add(neop2p, buffer(0, L), "Neo P2P Protocol, "..NET_TYPE[magic])
            pinfo.cols.info:set("".. NET_TYPE[magic]..","..cmd)
            local offset = 0

            p2p_tree:add(neop2p.fields.magic, buffer(offset, 4), buffer(offset, 4):le_uint64():tonumber())
            offset = offset + 4
            p2p_tree:add(neop2p.fields.cmd, buffer(offset, 12), buffer(offset, 12):string())
            offset = offset + 12
            p2p_tree:add(neop2p.fields.length, buffer(offset, 4), buffer(offset, 4):le_uint64():tonumber())
            offset = offset + 4
            p2p_tree:add(neop2p.fields.checksum, buffer(offset, 4), buffer(offset, 4):le_uint64():tonumber())
            offset = offset + 4

            if length ~= 0 then
                local payload = buffer(offset, length)
                p2p_tree:add(neop2p.fields.payload, payload, tostring(payload))
                offset = offset + length
            -- if cmd == C_INV then
            --     return neop2p_inv_dissector(payload, pinfo, p2p_tree)
            -- end
            -- if cmd == C_ADDR then
            --     return neop2p_addr_dissector(payload, pinfo, p2p_tree)
            -- end
            -- if cmd == C_GET_DATA then
            --     return neop2p_getdata_dissector(payload, pinfo, p2p_tree)
            -- end
            -- if cmd == C_VERSION then
            --     return neop2p_ver_dissector(payload, pinfo, p2p_tree)
            -- end
            -- if cmd == C_GET_HEADERS then
            --     return neop2p_getheaders_dissector(payload, pinfo, p2p_tree)
            -- end
            return true

        local function get_neop2p_len(buffer)
            local len = buffer(16, 4):le_uint() + 24
            return len

        local neo = Proto("NEOPROTOCOL", "Neo Protocol")
        function neo.dissector(buffer, pinfo, tree)
            dissect_tcp_pdus(buffer, tree, 24, get_neop2p_len, neop2p_dissector)
            return true
        neo:register_heuristic("tcp", neo.dissector)