Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Attempted to build NSIS installer for 2.6.3
From: John Dill <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2018 21:33:18 +0000

I've narrowed it down to a point where it's definitely the 'include::' statements in user-guide.asciidoc with my
installation of asciidoctor are not working.

"C:\Program Files\CMake\bin\cmake.exe" -E env TZ=UTC ASCIIDOCTORJ_OPTS="-Xmx800m" C:/cygwin64/bin/asciidoctor.bat --attribute build_dir=C:/Users/DillJA/Desktop/wsbuild64/docbook --require C:/Users/DillJA/Desktop/wireshark-v0.7/docbook/asciidoctor-macros/commaize-block.rb --require C:/Users/DillJA/Desktop/wireshark-v0.7/docbook/asciidoctor-macros/cveidlink-inline-macro.rb --require C:/Users/DillJA/Desktop/wireshark-v0.7/docbook/asciidoctor-macros/wsbuglink-inline-macro.rb --require C:/Users/DillJA/Desktop/wireshark-v0.7/docbook/asciidoctor-macros/wssalink-inline-macro.rb --backend docbook --out-file user-guide.xml C:/Users/DillJA/Desktop/wireshark-v0.7/docbook/user-guide.asciidoc

Currently, I get 18 include file errors that look like

  asciidoctor : error : user-guide.asciidoc: line X: include file not found: /cygdrive/c/Users/DillJA/Desktop/wsbuild64/docbook/C:/Users/DillJA/Desktop/wireshark-v0.7/docbook/C:/Users/DillJA/Desktop/wireshark-v0.7/docbook/common_src/GPL_appendix.asciidoc [C:\Users\DillJA\Desktop\wsbuild64\docbook\generate_user-guide.xml.vcxproj]

I feel like maybe there is a include path thing since generate_user-guide.xml.vcxproj is in the wsbuild64 directory and the
docbook is in the wireshark-v0.7 folder.  Just for kicks, I ran in the cmd shell the same command in both the 'wsbuild64'
directory and the 'wireshark-v0.7', and the 'wireshark-v0.7/docbook' directory and same error.

If I replace user-guide.asciidoc with 'common_src/GPL_appendix.asciidoc' in generate_user-guide.xml.vcxproj where I
make last argument C:/Users/DillJA/Desktop/wireshark-v0.7/docbook/common_src/GPL_appendix.asciidoc, I get through
the nsis_package_prep and nsis_package vcxproj files since the include::[] statement isn't being used.

Since I don't have access to Chocolately at work, I was hoping to compare asciidoctor ruby scripts from what you get with
Chocolately versus what I installed from 'gem install asciidoctor' in Cygwin.

Do you know what version of asciidoctor Chocolately gets since 2.6.3 branch, or how I can look that up?

I might have to take this to the asciidoctor forums.  Maybe there's a quirk between Cygwin vs Chocolately install environment
or versions being used, or maybe something else.

Any ideas?

John D.

From: John Dill
Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 5:55 PM
To: Gerald Combs; Developer support list for Wireshark
Subject: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Attempted to build NSIS installer for 2.6.3

Ack, should have typed

@echo off
C:\cygwin64\bin\ruby.exe /bin/asciidoctor %*

for asciidoctor.bat