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Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] building errors for wireshark

From: Pascal Quantin <pascal.quantin@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2016 16:37:32 +0100
Hi Tengfei,

2016-02-01 16:30 GMT+01:00 Tengfei Chang <tengfei.chang@xxxxxxxxx>:
Dear all,

Recently I am trying to build my own wireshark. I followed with the tutorial here:

Everything works fine before I build it, where I got tons of errors. All the errors seem point to this file: C:\Development\wsbuild64\ui\qt\qtui.vcxproj

This is my setting:
set CYGWIN=nodosfilewarning
set WIRESHARK_BASE_DIR=C:\Development
set QT5_BASE_DIR=C:\Qt\5.5\msvc2013_64
cd C:\Development\wsbuild64
cmake -DENABLE_CHM_GUIDES=on -G "Visual Studio 12 Win64" ..\wireshark

Following are the part of the erros when I excute 
msbuild /m /p:Configuration=RelWithDebInfo Wireshark.sln

(there are too many of them so I just past part of them, but if you see the error information, all goes this file: C:\Development\wsbuild64\ui\qt\qtui.vcxproj)

Which Wireshark source code are you trying to build, what exact Qt version and what MSVC version are you using?
Right now Wireshark 2.0.X (master-2.0 branch) and 2.1.X (master branch) are building fine with MSVC2013 and Qt 5.3.2, as seen here:
On my side I build both branches with MSVC2013 and Qt 5.5.0 without any issue.

Best regards,