Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Current C-Standard used in wireshark
From: Graham Bloice <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2016 19:15:07 +0000

On 2 January 2016 at 17:41, Thomas Wiens <[email protected]> wrote:
On 02.01.2016 18:06 Graham Bloice wrote:

> Can you try:
>     msbuild /p:Configuration=RelWithDebInfo /t:clean
> .\docbook\user_guide_docbook.vcxproj
> to clean the user guide docbook target, followed by:
>     msbuild /p:Configuration=RelWithDebInfo
> .\docbook\user_guide_docbook.vcxproj > c:\temp\build.txt
> redirecting to your location of choice and post that back so I can have a
> look at it?  Hopefully I'll be able to remember enough of my schoolboy
> German to translate the output messages.  It might also be useful to see
> the output of the CMake generation step, again redirect to a file.

Hi Graham,
thank you very much for your help. The docbook problems are not the only
ones on a complete build, there are later also 2 linker errors.

I've attached the logs from the docbook and the cmake build.

But if it's not easy to fix, don't waste much time. Then I'll setup a vm.

You're definitely missing the asciidoc\docbook bits.  See the bottom of the packages list for the Cygwin part of the setup (https://www.wireshark.org/docs/wsdg_html_chunked/ChSetupWin32.html#ChSetupCygwin).

Arguably, CMake shouldn't generate the dockbook projects if asciidoc isn't found.

I'm keen to get CMake build issues resolved as we'd like to deprecate nmake so as to only have to maintain 2 build systems (CMake and autotools).

When you have the asciidoc\docbook Cygwin packages installed, re-run the CMake generation step, at the bottom it should list the XSLTPROC, XMLLINT and ASCIIDOC OPTIONAL packages as found.

Then can you try to build again, redirecting the msbuild output to a file so I can look at the linker errors?

Graham Bloice