Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] MSVC 2015 (VC14) notes/issue
From: Graham Bloice <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 18:43:55 +0100

On 12 August 2015 at 18:37, Guy Harris <[email protected]> wrote:

On Aug 12, 2015, at 10:18 AM, Graham Bloice <[email protected]> wrote:

> FYI Windows CMake doesn't currently seem to configure without Qt, I'm not too fussed about that as on Windows the Qt version is the main build.

...and people are probably a *lot* less likely to want CLI-only builds on Windows than on UN*X (on UN*X, we need to support them; people often want to build TShark for headless machines).

That might change some day for, say, headless Windows machines (I always find the notion of "headless Windows" amusing; in the world of the Internet of Things, if things go the way Microsoft wants them to, more machines running "Windows" may be incapable of displaying actual *windows* than capable of displaying them).

Good point, I forgot about folks wanting to build only tshark.  IIRC the issue is that some of the CMake tasks to copy the 3rd party DLL's etc. seem to complain if Qt isn't found.  Should be able to fix that up.

Graham Bloice