Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] [BMR #93974] ipmi-trace dissector
From: Dmitry Bazhenov <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2014 14:48:53 +0600
Hello, all,

The PCAP library maintainers have reserved the DLT_/LINKTYPE_ value for the recently proposed IPMI Trace encapsulation format.
The proposed for review patch adds a mapping between DLT_IPMI_HPM_2 
link-layer header type to the IPMI Trace Wiretap encapsulation.
Change-Id: I458d44ad0f51beecfe5589e0e9cb75f4771d866b


17.04.2014 21:40, Dmitry Bazhenov пишет:
Hello, Wireshark team,

I would like to submit a patch which adds dissector for IPMI packet trace collection capture format, which is produced by the Pigeon Point System's ipmb_traced utility.
I believe that this patch will be helpful.

The DLT_ type for the capture data format is not yet assigned, but the request for assignment is in progress.
Correspondingly, I ask for WTAP_ENCAP_IPMI_TRACE encapsulation format 
reservation from you.
In the meantime, the patch utilizes the first unassigned DLT_ and 
WTAP_ENCAP_ values. They are going to be replaced with the actual 
values as the responses are going to come.
The IPMI trace dissector significantly re-uses the existing IPMI 
dissector. The latter was revised in order to support more messaging 
channel protocol formats (KCS, Tmode) and simultaneous capturing from 
several channels.
Also, the IPMI dissector's request/response logic was revised to 
support more options like matching the double bridged embedded 
messages, and embedded messages in the Get Message command responses.
Change-Id: Ib269b35784c0b70892d1e0111bcfb483ea64092c

Please, review.

With regards,
Dmitry Bazhenov

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