Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Fix bug in GSM MAP, have problems with GIT
From: Christopher Maynard <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 17:18:06 +0000 (UTC)
Graham Bloice <[email protected]> writes:

> On 11 March 2014 16:41, Anders Broman
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> On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 12:05 PM, Christopher Maynard <Christopher.Maynard
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> >> Evan Huus <eapache <at> ...> writes:
> >>
> >> I've been particularly busy of late, so I haven't had any real time to
> >> look into git or gerrit yet, and I'm probably not going to have any
> >> time to do so for a few more weeks at least.  There are probably
> >> around 200 posts to wireshark-dev about git and gerrit, many with
> >> tidbits of helpful information, but nothing really consolidated.
> >>
> >> Being a complete git+gerrit newb, I also would really appreciate a
> >> wiki page with consolidated information for all of the common work
> >> flows that a normal developer as well as a core developer might use.
> >> I assume http://wiki.wireshark.org/Development/Workflow would be the
> >> place for it, and when I finally get going, that's where I hope to start.
> >
> >I've left that as a kind of overview-discussion of the git migration, and
> >
> >http://wiki.wireshark.org/Development/SubmittingPatches
> >
> >as a very bare-bones tutorial. Hopefully others will expand it as necessary.

If possible, add some information/basic steps on a few more topics as well?
 For example:
1) How do you undo a commit, or undo part of a commit?
2) How do you apply someone else's patch for testing before committing?  
3) How to backport to other trunks?
4) How do you know if someone has a fix or not?  With subversion, they'd
indicate they're running svn r51234, for example, and then you could tell
them that they need to update to at least r52345.  With git, how does this
work with hashes?

> If someone could add how to do it on Windows that would be good to 
> I shall try this evening. 

Thanks.  I too develop on Windows primarily.