Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Status Cmake Win32 support
From: Graham Bloice <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 17:32:16 +0100
On 11 October 2013 16:09, Joerg Mayer <[email protected]> wrote:
Another milestone hit:

- Win 32bit: The following executables build and run from the build directory
  (as well as capture if they should be able to). *: Acutally tested
  $ ls *exe
  capinfos.exe* dumpcap.exe  mergecap.exe  randpkt.exe   reordercap.exe  tshark.exe*
  dftest.exe    editcap.exe  qtshark.exe*  rawshark.exe  text2pcap.exe   wireshark.exe*


- 64bit support
- GTK3 detection (i.e. getting pkg-config to work for out setting)
- PORTAUDIO support (I probably only need to build it as the nmake
  setup process does not seem to do that).
- Review the cmake and nmake log messages and (try to) fix everything
  that's not purely informational

- Move setup completely out of the nmake Makefiles into the existing
  or a new setup script.
- Maybe a better structured setup with a uniform layout for all packages.
- Review by the people who know Windows and the nmake setup (similar to what
  Guy has been doing for the autotools - cmake sync).
- qtshark on win *requires* that gtk includes are present to build:
  file_dlg_win32.c:#include <gtk/gtk.h>
- abi check: Move abi check operation into a UseABICheck.cmake file and
  call that from CMakeLists. Then make it work on Win32 in a single place.
- API check is missing for all platforms

- Determine what else is missing to get rid of the old nmake infrastucture

- Are there other platforms that would benefit from something similar to
  what I did with the setenv.bat script?

- Other build platforms (there seems to be at least some interest in VS).

Is someone willing to work on some of these items? I'm willing to support
anyone who is interested even if that takes me more time than doing it

@Balint: Would you be willing to do the abi check cleanup stuff?
@Graham: IIRC you already had some setup scripts to replace the old
  stuff when we talked about this 20 months ago?

Great stuff Joerg.

I think we definitely need CMake to work with VS solutions.  I don't see a need to support earlier than VS2010. I'll try the latest stuff when I get home.

The stuff I had last year was mainly around removing the need for Cygwin, replacing it with PowerShell, but there was some library download stuff as well.  I'm not sure if its still around, I'll have a look tonight.