Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] GSoC 2013
From: Ishan Sharma <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 15:48:42 +0530
Hello! I would like to apply at Wireshark for GSoC 2013. I have checked the list of projects and interested in (and capable of doing) some of them. The project I am mainly interested in is "Wireshark for Android". I have a good android development experience and have used libpcap to develop simple sniffer application.

I wanted to know whether we can apply for multiple projects at wireshark to increase our chances of selection? Though my main interest is Wireshark for Android I want to apply at all the projects I am capable of completing. The mentors can select me for the project they think I am suitable for.

The other projects that I am interested are:
a) Capture Permissions

b) Process Information

c) New Export Objects

d) Improved Fuzzing

e) Packet Editor (cli)

My relevant experience is as follows:
Programming Languages: C (Excellent), Java (Good), Python (Good), Shell Scripting (Good)

Relevant Projects:
SimpleSniffer: It is a very basic sniffer for *nix programmed in C using the libpcap library.

Network Monitor: An Android application with basic functionality such as port scanning, network discovery etc.

- I have good experience with Android application development.

- I have been using Wireshark regularly since about 4-5 yrs.

- I have won two security courses at ethicalhacker.net for my participation.
Offensive Security wifu
eLearnSecurity Penetration Testing Professional

- I am currently enrolled in MS by Research program at one the top university of my country. My area of research currently is malware analysis and android security.

- I am presently working as a Research Assistant in one of the projects in my university where I am responsible for evaluating and maintaining the security infrastructure.

- I have good knowledge of vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows, Heap overflows, format string attacks and return-to-libc attacks.

- I have good knowledge of Network and Web security. 

Ishan Sharma