Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] A more concise capture options dialog for 1.8
From: Bogdan Harjoc <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2012 17:35:02 +0300
The multi-interface capture dialog introduced in 1.7 seems geared for heavy-duty use:
- ability to select which interfaces to capture from
- separate dialog for per-interface options
- verbose info right in the main options dialog
(see attached png's)

But for people who don't spend their days inside wireshark, it may be a little less handy to use:
- quickly typing a capture filter no longer possible
   (for instance "tcp port 80" for all interfaces)
- interface list requires scrolling if vmware/virtualbox/... interfaces are available
- increased height of dialog window

I'd like to bring a few of the dialog's pre-1.7 capabilities into the current version:
- bring back the global capture filter
- make the interface list more concise:
  * IP addresses as separate field
  * remove buffer sizes, use checkbox for promiscuous mode
  * capture on all interfaces, using shift+click on 1st field's checkbox
  * same for capturing all in promiscuous mode

I know I should have discussed this before 1.8.0, but I only started using 1.8 after the final release. I am posting this to ask whether (some of) these changes would be welcome, or it's just me and everyone finds the new options dialog better.

Attached are screenshots of the current UI and of the proposed changes. In case they don't go through, the png's are also at:

Bogdan Harjoc

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