Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Wireshark 1.6.x requires GLib 2.10 or later, but the configu
From: Jeff Morriss <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 11:23:23 -0400
Bill Meier wrote:
On 4/23/2012 3:54 PM, Bill Meier wrote:
On 4/23/2012 2:51 PM, Guy Harris wrote:
Most of Wireshark 1.6.x uses GLib memory slices only if built with
GLib 2.10 or later; it uses memory chunks otherwise.

However, MATE unconditionally uses memory slices, which means it
fails to build with GLib releases prior to 2.10. The configure
script, however, only checks for GLib 2.4 or later, so if you try to
configure and build on a system with a GLib release between 2.4 and
2.9, the configure script may succeed but the build will fail:


Should we change MATE not to require memory slices in the 1.6
branch, or should we change the configure script to require GLib 2.10
for the 1.6 branch? (The trunk requires 2.14 or later.)

The mate change was back-ported in the recent Wireshark 1.6.7 release

I guess that requiring GLib 2.10 for Wireshark 1.6 would depend upon the
extent to which there *nix distributions with GLib < 2.10.

I've no opinion as to that.

I would note that it should be quite simple to revert the mate changes
(trunk r40547) done in 1.6.7. The only changes were related to the use
of memory slices.

ISTR that the issue (other than being deprecated) with using memory
chunks is that memory chunks aren't freed when requested; AFAIK there's
been no complaints about same for mate prior to 1.6.7 release.

So: the simplest thing to do with the least side-effects might be to
revert the mate changes made for 1.6.7.

Correction: the mate changes were made in Wireshark 1.6.6
I added the reversion of 40547 to the 1.6.8 queue so 1.6's required glib 
version doesn't have to change.