Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] [Wireshark-commits] rev 41064: /trunk/ /trunk/ui/cli/: dftes
From: Guy Harris <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 11:29:18 -0800
On Feb 19, 2012, at 3:24 AM, Joerg Mayer wrote:

> The intention is to move all the cli tools into ui/cli/.

...at which point libcliui presumably won't be necessary, as you could just directly build TShark from source in ui/cli and various shared and static libraries elsewhere in the source tree.

That would probably work best if all the other source files in the top-level directory that are used by TShark and by other programs such as Wireshark were put into other libraries, e.g. the stuff for running dumpcap to do captures probably belongs in a library.

Once that's done, we could also get rid of libgtkui, and just directly build the GTK+ Wireshark from source in ui/gtk; if we did the same with the Qt version, that would help with using automake/autoconf for the Qt version - I have it working with a "--with-qt" configure script option, but it required a bit of a greasy hack to get at least one .cpp file into the list of Wireshark source files, so that automake knows it needs to be linked as a C++ program.