Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Contributing a patch for additional L2TP filters - Bug 6841
From: Anders Broman <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 16:25:57 +0100

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of Andy Karch (akarch)
Sent: den 14 februari 2012 01:13
To: [email protected]
Subject: [Wireshark-dev] Contributing a patch for additional L2TP filters - Bug 6841

Hi Wireshark Dev Team,


I’ve created a patch for a few additional L2TP filters (assigned tunnel/session ID), and I would like to contribute them back to the project…


I originally created and tested the patch in Wireshark 1.6.5 and everything works great.  Then after going through the Developer Wiki and checking-out the latest source (1.7.x), I found that I cannot build on our  

local Linux distro (based on RHEL 5.50, old I know).  I needed to update autoconf, gtk+, and then stopped at glibc.  I don’t suspect the patch will be sensitive to the different releases, so do you need testing  

 done on 1.7.x, as well?  I could get a VM up (Fedora/Ubuntu or something), but given the nature of these changes, I’d like to see if you feel that additional testing is necessary. 


As long as the patch applies to 1.7.x it should be OK  


Also, I don’t know much about the Wireshark release process, but can this patch be integrated into branches 1.6.x (trunk-1.6) and below, as well as the latest 1.7.x (trunk)?  Do you usually commit to all 

>  branches?


Let me know. 

Only bugfixes are backported see http://wiki.wireshark.org/Development/ReleasePolicy  

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The release life cycle

During the lifetime of this Stable release inevitably problems are found and bug fixes presented. These fixes are developed and tested in the Development trunk and then scheduled for back-porting to the Stable branch. When enough bug fixes are collected or the severity of the bugs warrant it and at the discretion of Gerald, a new Maintenance release on the Stable release branch is prepared. This Maintenance release has to adhere to the same policy of consistent release contents, so does not contain new or changed features, but only repairs of detected flaws. The only other changes allowed are updates of volatile data files, like the manufacturer database, enterprise numbers, etc. 

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