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Of the developers attending FOSDEM, who can run fastest?

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Subject: [FOSDEM] Meeting rooms
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 23:08:17 +0100
From: Pascal Bleser <[email protected]>
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This year, we will provide two meeting rooms (aka "BoF rooms")
in the AW building. The idea here is that they are provided for
unplanned or, rather, spontaneously planned and brief meetups.

The planning system is as easy as it gets: each room will have a
sheet of paper with a time grid next to it, and it's first come
first served. A project or group of people may only take up to
an hour per day. We won't enforce that unless someone complains
to us, but anyway, keep in mind that a whole lot of projects and
people are present at FOSDEM, and as many as possible should
have a fair chance of using them if needed.

Most specifically, they are _not_ a replacement for a devroom.

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