Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Static analysis added to the buildbot
From: Bill Meier <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 01:27:49 -0500
On 2/16/2011 11:42 PM, Guy Harris wrote:
What's the default process stack size in Win32?

==>From the VC2008 docs[1]:

The /STACK option sets the size of the stack in bytes. Use this option only when you build an .exe file.
The reserve value specifies the total stack allocation in virtual 
memory. For x86 and x64 machines, the default stack size is 1 MB. On the 
Itanium chipset, the default size is 4 MB.
commit is subject to interpretation by the operating system. In Windows 
NT and Windows 2000 it specifies the amount of physical memory to 
allocate at a time. Committed virtual memory causes space to be reserved 
in the paging file. A higher commit value saves time when the 
application needs more stack space, but increases the memory 
requirements and possibly the startup time. For x86 and x64 machines, 
the default commit value is 4 KB. On the Itanium chipset, the default 
value is 16 KB.

==>From the wireshark.exe header:

File "wireshark.exe": PE detected
PE-Header 000000F8
 Machine                            (014C) I386
 Number of sections                        5
 TimeDate stamp                 (4D5AB13E) Tue Feb 15 12:00:46 2011


 Size of stack reserve          (00100000) 0
 Size of stack commit           (00001000) 0
 Size of heap reserve           (00100000) 0
 Size of heap commit            (00001000) 0


==>So: it appears that the documentation is correct with respect to the defaults.