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From: Simon Dreyer <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 13:54:52 +0800
Hi Bill

Thanks so much for your help. I have managed to get the patch installed and 
wireshark compiled and running Yehhaaa:)

I'll get to do some live testing next week

Many Thanks

Simon Dreyer
Dreyer Automation
0417 952 563

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 for Genisys protocol

Simon Dreyer wrote:

> http://www.codeproject.com/KB/IP/custom_dissector.aspx

Note: In "Configure Wireshark Build Environment (Win32)" in the above 
certain things are a bit out-of-date. EG: the specific compiler 
referenced ("Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition") is not the latest (and is 
not the one currently used by Wireshark: VC++ 2008 EE (aka VC9)).

If you haven't already done so, make sure you're using the compiler & 
etc versions as given in the Developer's Guide.

Also: It's not necessary to download and install a Platform SDK
with VC9.

I believe that following the Developer's Guide instructions exactly as 
to setting up a Windows Wireshark build environment should work w/o 

> There are obviously two approaches to this:
> 1) incorporate the protocol as an integral part wireshark as I think you are 
> describing or
> 2) run it as a .dll plugin as I was trying to do (as per the tutorial).

> I presume that this genisys protocol has not been implemented into the general 
> release of wireshark (it does not appear in the list of protocols) I only hope 
> this is because it is a rather obscure protocol and not because it doesn't work.

It appears from acomment in the bug that a concern was expressed about 
the way the dissector is coded.


> Getting back to the "Patch" thing, I have read all the stuff in the developers 
> manual and hope I understand it, is this what I have to do?
> 1) Click on the "New patch for genisys dissector" link at 
> https://bugs.wireshark.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi\?id=3422
> 2) Copy the code and paste it into a text file
> 3) save it as "add_genisys_dissector.diff" (or something similar)
> 4) copy the file into the c:\wireshark directory
> 5) open a command window and go to the c:\wireshark directory
> 6) type "patch -p0 
> 7) re-compile wireshark

Yes: The above is correct.

Two comments:

1. As noted, the patch is a year old. Looking quickly at the code in
    the patch I see that there are two edits you'll need to make to
    epan\dissectors\packet-genisys.c (after the patch is applied) and
    before recompiling.

    { "Payload",	"genisys.payload", FT_BYTES, BASE_HEX, NULL,
    { "Payload",	"genisys.payload", FT_BYTES, BASE_NONE, NULL,

    { "Junk",	"genisys.junk", FT_BYTES, BASE_HEX, NULL,
    { "Junk",	"genisys.junk", FT_BYTES, BASE_NONE, NULL,

2. When re-compiling do 'nmake –f Makefile.nmake all'

    The patch changes epan\crc16.h which is used in a number
    of source files so a complete re-compile should be done.

    (Normally a complete rebuild is not needed if only one or more .c
    files are changed).