Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Inner workings of libpcap
From: Jaap Keuter <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 16:13:46 +0100

This is your best initial point of contact: http://www.tcpdump.org/


On Fri, 26 Mar 2010 02:02:41 -0700 (PDT), Rayne <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm interested in finding out more about the inner workings of
> libpcap, i.e. how it interacts with the network device etc to capture
> packets. Can anyone recommend some online resources, as I can't seem
> to find much on Google. BTW, I'm using Linux.
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Rayne