Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] resubmission of a feature modification
From: Pegasys <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 14:45:55 -0600
i asked this once before and didnt recieve a reply from anyone,
so ill ask again ,if its not possible or this is the wrong place to ask
this please let me know , i am not a coding type person ,
but you all have my deepest respect for creating this amazing
analytical tool . It has helped me understand so much , and i
thank you all for your endless work .

I have been using 1.2.6 for sometime
on my Vista x64 machine and as geeky as it sounds am completely
fascinated by watching the auto scroll. The only thing i can think of
to make the most of the packet scroll viewing is to have the last packet's
information displayed in the auto scroll , in real time so that you can see
the contents of the packet . an example of what i am asking is this :

"7015","2010-02-16 19:44:13.809652","","","TCP","sunclustergeo > ircu [ACK] Seq=25782 Ack=32201 Win=64952 Len=0"
the example packet Frame 7015 (54 bytes on wire, 54 bytes captured) 
information is displayed in the lower most pane as :
0000  00 1e 58 07 08 17 00 1a  92 7c e7 61 08 00 45 00   ..X..... .|.a..E.
0010  00 28 4a e1 40 00 40 06  bb a6 c0 a8 00 c5 c3 c5   .([email protected]@. ........
0020  af 15 08 24 1a 0d ec b3  1d 44 67 fd dd d8 50 10     ...$.... .Dg...P.
0030 fd b8 34 63 00 00 ..4c..

can this lower pane information output be displayed in real time as each 'last' packet is captured ?