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Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Wiki: Presentations about Wireshark

From: "Maynard, Chris" <Christopher.Maynard@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 15:00:35 -0500

I searched lovemytool for Wireshark-related articles and posted links to
the articles/presentations that came up on the Wiki page:  I listed them by the date they
were posted.

I'm not sure if it was your intent to list that many or not, but there's
a bunch listed now.  I'm sure I missed some and arguably some might not
warrant being listed at all, but rather than pick & choose, I just
linked pretty much all of them I found.  Feel free to modify to your

- Chris

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> How about some of the lovemytool articles/presentations?
> Wireshark & Windows 7 (by Joke Snelders):

Yes, definitely.  Want to add them?

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