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Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] Getting data out of 'address' struct

Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 11:54:02 -0500
If I populate an address with the following syntax:
    SET_ADDRESS(&pinfo->dl_dst, AT_EUI64, sizeof(guint64), jn_dst64);

and then later I need to get that address back out as a uint64, what is the proper way to do it?
I don't see any predefined macro for this operation, at least not in address.h.

The following works, but it makes the assumption that the data buffer is 8-byte aligned, which I assume is not guaranteed.

    guint64 dst_eui64 = *(guint64*)(pinfo->;

Is there a function or macro somewhere for this, or should I just create a little loop to copy the bytes?