Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] New packet list - out of memory?
From: "Anders Broman" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 17:11:16 +0200

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didier wrote:
>> But are canaries used at all? In my understanding without 
>> DEBUG_INTENSE_CANARY_CHECKS they are never checked and it's unset by 
>> default.
Jeff Morriss:
>Erm, emem_free_all() checks that the canaries haven't been corrupted:
>>  if (memcmp(npc->canary_info->canary[i], canary,
npc->canary_info->cmp_len[i]) != 0)
>>      g_error("Memory corrupted");
Jeff Morriss:
>I fixed a bug a while ago where a dissector was writing past the end of
its se_alloc()'d 
>I don't think we can/should turn off canaries in se_ allocations. 
>Instead we should create a new canary-less allocator.  (Not sure what
such a thing should 
>be named, of course...)

Well as I see it EP memory is not a problem we only use one chunk (10M)
During the life time of a packet so memory efficency isn't a big issue.

But when dealing with large files waisting +30% of the memory is not an
option I think.
A way to still test se_alloc() could be to let the buildbot doing fuzz
test use canaries forinstance.

I don't see that a new allocator would solve the problem, when to use


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