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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 16:45:54 +0200
As the purpose of Wireshark is to display network traffic to analyse problems, I see no use in competing in a race to cloak and uncloak traffic with Sniffjoke. That would put Wireshark in the list of cracking tools which might have a negative effect on the places where it is allowed to be used. So I would not consider this a bug and I would *not* consider being able to reassemble Sniffloke traffic a feature to implement.
Just my $0.02


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Should it be considered a bug if WS can be fooled by a tool like Sniffjoke
to incorrectly reassemble a TCP stream?
The webpage has two sample traces that seem to be handeled incorrectly by
HEAD indeed.

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Some days ago I've relased this:

SniffJoke is a "connection scrambler" for Linux with the purpose of
preventing packet sniffers from reassemble network sessions of the user.
The "sniffer evasion" technology is well known since almost 10 years.
SniffJoke implements the most efficents techniques. Using a local fake
tunnel it is able to manage outgoing and ingoing packets without
disturbing the kernel. With the local web interface the user can easily
start/stop and configure SniffJoke. At the moment, Wireshark, the most
famous packet analyzer, is unable to correctly reconstruct TCP flow
mangled by SniffJoke. I would like to update the list of victim
sniffers, so please send me a report if you test SniffJoke with other
network protocol analyzers.


Any comments appreciate


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