Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] Unable to build asn1/x411
From: Bill Meier <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2008 12:30:11 -0500
I'm currently unable to build asn1/x411 (and certain other
asn1 stuff) using files from SVN on either Windows or Ubuntu.

 Windows Vista: VC9; Python version 2.4.4 (or 2.5.2 or 2.6);
 Ubuntu: Python 2.5.2

(The error messages are about the same on Windows & Ubuntu).

When building asn1/x4411 on Windows I get (extracted/condensed):

   (cd ../x509af && [...] -f Makefile.nmake generate_export) \
    "C:\Python24\python.exe" "../../tools/asn2wrs.py"  -E -b \
    -e  -px509af  -c x509af.cnf   AuthenticationFramework.asn

   ASN.1 to Wireshark dissector compiler

   (cd ../x509ce && [...] -f Makefile.nmake generate_export) \
   "C:\Python24\python.exe" "../../tools/asn2wrs.py"  -E -b \
   -e  -p x509ce  -c x509ce.cnf   CertificateExtensions.asn

   Traceback (most recent call last):

   ASN.1 to Wireshark dissector compiler

   File "../../tools/asn2wrs.py", line 7592, in ?
   File "../../tools/asn2wrs.py", line 7523, in eth_main
     ast.extend(yacc.parse(f.read(), lexer=lexer, debug=pd))
   File "c:\Users\wmeier\Technical\wswm\wsh-svn\tools\yacc.py", line
   201, in parse
    return self.parseopt_notrack(input,lexer,debug,tracking,tokenfunc)
    File "c:\Users\wmeier\Technical\wswm\wsh-svn\tools\yacc.py", line
   977, in parseopt_notrack
    tok = self.errorfunc(errtoken)
   File "../../tools/asn2wrs.py", line 7376, in p_error
    raise ParseError(t, input_file)
   __main__.ParseError: CertificateExtensions.asn:30: Unexpected token
   NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\Python24\python.exe' : return code


(I get different errors if I try to build asn1/x509ce).

I've no familiarity with asn2wrs so I'm posting to the list ...