Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] need help by "dissector add"
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 10:15:17 +0200
Hello everyone,

I need help to create a dissector.
I have searched suited informations in the developer's guide and
README.developer, but didn't find something.

I want to build a dissector, who starts when I have a Profinet Real-Time package
with frame id = 0xffff.

At the moment, the package looks like so in the detailed window:

+ Frame x
+ Ethernet II, Src, Dst
+ IP
- Profinet Real Time
    FrameID: 0xffff reserved ID
undecoded data

So I've worked with the developer guide and create the function


void proto_reg_handoff_pb(void)
static gboolean initialized=FALSE;

if (!initialized) {
pb_handle = create_dissector_handle(dissect_pb, proto_pb);
dissector_add("pn_rt.frame_id", 0xffff , pb_handle);



When I try starting Wireshark, i get an Runtime Error from Visual C++ Runtime
When I replace "pn_rt.frame_id" in "udp.port", there is no problem.

So my question is: how can i fix this problem?
Is the Information about "pn_rt.frame_id" not available?

Thank you for your helping


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