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From: Jaap Keuter <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 22:22:48 +0200

So, you setup a build environment (Win32 I presume?). Then created a directory ged125 under the plugins source directory and placed your dissector and support files there. You made the modifications to the build environment according to README.plugin and build Wireshark. If not please let us know. Then what did you do with the DLL? Did you make an installer? Did you install that version? Did you move it somewhere by hand? Somehow it's finding two instances of the dissector and once the fist is registered the second causes this report. (Or a name hash collision, which would be very unfortunate).

Martin Corraine (mcorrain) wrote:

Here is the short story of what I did:
I wrote my dissector then added it in "plugins\ged125" I changed all the
files and what not then I compiled the entire thing. Please note, my
dissector isn't functional yet. I basically just got it to compile. That
may be my problem but I'm not sure. I hope this answers your question.

Thanks for your future help :),

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When you compile the program tshark is run to create the display filter
field list. It runs into the same problem Wireshark does, hence produces
the same error message.

Back to the question: Did you develop your dissector as plugin before
you moved to a build in dissector?


PS: Better keep the discussion on the list, then more enlightened people
can chime in ;)

Martin Corraine (mcorrain) wrote:
I don't understand your question to me, so I'll rephrase. Thanks again
for replying.
I described my problem wrong. When I compile, towards the end I get an
error (in a window, not inside the dos window). It doesn't like the unabbreviated version of the protocol name. Now, when I actually run the .exe from cmd it gives the almost exact error message about the name. It is as follows (displayed in a dos
/Err Duplicate protocol name "The Ged Protocol"! This might be caused by an inappropriate plug-in or a development error."/
/                            press any key to exist/

Then, a window pops up and says there was a fatal error. Then, another
window popa up and states:

I appreciate your help,