Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Custom dissector forgotten in building process
From: Pascal Heude <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 22:01:53 +0200

You will find here all the files/directories where I made modifications to add a new plugin :
� - configure.in : add the new plugin (like for others plugins)
� - config.h : change the name of version (to differentiate it from the official one)
� - config.nmake : customize for my development enviroment
� - Makefile.nmake : add the new plugin (like for others plugins)
� - Makefile.am : add the new plugin (like for others plugins)
� - plugin/Makefile.am : add the new plugin (like for others plugins)
� - plugin/Makefile.nmake : add the new plugin (like for others plugins)
� - add the plugin directory and files under the plugin directory


Jaap Keuter a �crit�:

Read doc/README.plugins very carefully and implement *all* changes listed in 
there. That should make things work.


Fr�d�ric Courchesne - Paradox Innovation wrote:


I made a custom dissector for a custom protocol we are triyng to 
develop, but it is not included/recognized when I do a �nmake all� or a 
�packaging (nsis)� command.


1^st problem :

- I am using the 1.0.99 (SVN) version of wireshark sources with 
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 environnement.

- I did put my own dissector source code in the 
C:\wireshark\plugins\my-plugin directory. (Plugin based on the example 
given by Ken Thompson : 

- I modified the file *C:\ wireshark\plugins\Makefile.nmake* to add my 
plugin in the *process-plugins* and the *install-plugins* sections

- When I run the command *C:\wireshark> nmake �f Makefile.nmake all*, 
the custom dissector is correctly built, but not copied to the 
*wireshark-gtk2\plugins\1.0.99\* directory.

- If I manually copy the file, the plugin works well.


2^nd problem :

- I modified the *C:\wireshark\packaging\nsis\Makefile.nmake* to add my 
custom dissector in the PLUGINS section.

- When I run the command *C:\wireshark> nmake �f Makefile.nmake 
packaging*, the custom dissector is absent of the package.


I looked almost every Makefile.nmake, Makefile.common, config.nmake of 
all folders, but I can�t find how to include my dissector. Do I have to 
open the whole project with Microsoft Visual Studio?


Fr�d�ric Courchesne

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