Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] [Wireshark-commits] rev 24995: /trunk/gtk/ /trunk/gtk/: abou
From: Guy Harris <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008 17:46:51 -0700
[email protected] wrote:

User: gal
Date: 2008/04/13 05:48 PM

Allow the folders in the About Wireshark/Folders list to be double clicked on to open the appropriate folder in explorer. The MIB/PIB paths have been split up to allow each one to be clicked on separately, but as a result this will lose the order if the whole list is reordered. XXX: I have been unable to test this on MacOS or Linux. Stig? :-)
 I suppose it should work, but we may need to make it WIN32 specific?
Works on OS X 10.4, at least.