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Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] LLRP dissector support

From: Jaap Keuter <jaap.keuter@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2008 01:34:11 +0200
Hi John,

I've been looking at this submission from the start, and frankly I don't like it. It is like Ronnie says in, this code is very hard to read, let alone maintain. I don't want to sign off on that and burden myself and other with the maintenance chores. So I left it alone for another core developer to eventually pick it up. It seems none is confident enough to commit it.


John R. Hogerhuis wrote:
Jeff Morriss <> writes:

Paul Dietrich wrote:
I saw a dissector for LLRP submitted a few months back. Does anyone know the status? There are several vendors out with LLRP devices that could really benefit from wireshark support.
Looks like the request is still pending. You might want to subscribe yourself to the bug:

so you'll automatically be notified as the request progresses.

Hmm... last I heard the feedback to the author of the plugin was "be patient"
and that you have to wait until someone takes an interest in the dissector
before it would make it into WS.

So all of us RFID types can subscribe to this bug but given no apparent interest
in this protocol by the core devs I guess we'll be waiting forever.

Frankly, that's no way to treat contributors.

Do I mischaracterize the situation? Is there some other event that is holding up
this issue?

-- John.