Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Bug 2066: GtkCombo: Conversion Status
From: Bill Meier <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 11:14:19 -0500
Bill Meier schrieb:
I've been going through all the GtkCombo usages and understanding exactly how
>> <snip>
I'm leaning towards writing wrapper functions which
provide the combo functionality required by Wireshark in terms of either
GtkCombo or GtkComboBox.

I haven't quite finished convincing myself that this will be doable (another
day should do it).

Ulf Lamping wrote:
This seems to be a bug in the GTK libraries, we should simply "go back" to the old GTK version that works and put some pressure on the GTK guys (the bug report seems to be written already).

Bottom Line:

I now think the right answer is to follow Ulf's suggestion to fall back to the GTK version currently being used with 0.99.7 and to push to get the GTK problem fixed (or a work-around determined).


AFAIKT implementing the current Wireshark usage of GtkCombo using GtkComboBoxEntry has some problems (at least on Windows when using the Wimp style (theme ?).
The problems I've noted:

1. I've found that the appearance of the GtkComboBoxEntry widget is unacceptable (to my eye) on Windows using Wimp in certain cases (see below).
2. Given the complexity of the usage of GtkCombo in certain cases (eg: 
the filter dropdown) I can well believe that using GtkComboBoxEntry will 
result in subtle UI changes which may not be initially apparent.
It appears that using GtkComboBoxEntry is not altogether a simple 
drop-in. There are some number of details which need to be examined and 
worked though and which may be difficult to get right.
(I was certainly naive about all of this).

I think our effort is best spent elsewhere.

Comments ??

Some details:

A number of the Wireshark GtkCombo usages would need to be implemented using GtkComboBoxEntry: for example: the filter dropdown in the main window.
I've written wrappers using GtkComboBoxEntry which seem to be usable to 
reasonably cleanly replace the usage of GtkCombo. (I haven't done the 
detailed testing to see if everything works the same as currently; eg 
the handling of signals such as 'changed').
In any case, I've found that the appearance of the GtkComboBoxEntry 
widget is different on Windows using Wimp in certain cases; To my eye, 
the differences are not acceptable.
For example: setting the GtkComBoxEntry widget as insensitive does not 
gray out the downarrow.
Also: for some reason, the GtkEntry widget itself does not have the 
"inward-beveled" shadow and vertically fills the widget.
The above may be problems with Wimp since these specific problems don't 
seem to exist after removing the gtkrc file (although obviously the look 
is quite different).
I also wouldn't be surprised if there are other differences in 
appearance that I haven't noticed.
(If anyone wants to look at all of this, I would be happy to provide a 
test program that I've written).