Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Bug 2066: GtkCombo: Conversion Status
From: Ulf Lamping <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 21:09:11 +0100
Bill Meier schrieb:
Re: How is the conversion getting along? What parts are still to be addressed?
 a blocker bug for Win32, so lets get it sorted out.

I've been going through all the GtkCombo usages and understanding exactly how
each case works (User Interface) and how each can be implemented using
GtkComboBox (or, possibly in some instances, GtkComBoxEntry). There are about
16 usages and some of them are a bit complex.

In any case, my understanding is that we'll need to continue to use the
current GtkCombo widget for:
    - GTK1  (since we're still supporting Gtk 1
             and since GtkComboBox is a Gtk 2.4 widget)
    - GTK2 < 2.4 (maybe 2.6) (ditto)

To keep the code from getting really messy (with many #if
GTK_CHECK_VERSION(...)), I'm leaning towards writing wrapper functions which
provide the combo functionality required by Wireshark in terms of either
GtkCombo or GtkComboBox.

I haven't quite finished convincing myself that this will be doable (another
day should do it).

Comments are welcome.
Yes, until we drop support for GTK1, we just can't convert everything to GtkComboBox.
A specific question:

In Capture ! Options the Interface entry can be edited from the keyboard. It seems to me to not be useful to be able to enter text since presumably only
the dropdown interface entries are valid.

Am I missing something ? Is there a reason for this ?
Yes. In some cases there's a need to pass extra information to the capture engine. I can remember the mention of remote capturing and (I'm not sure about this) for special capture interfaces (Wireshark is not limited to Ethernet :-)
[It obviously would be nice if the GTK bug were fixed. :)
I've spent some time trying to build a debug version of the GTK library on Windows but haven't succeeded because of something about using MinGW and Cygwin (or Msys) to make GTK that I don't yet understand.]
This seems to be a bug in the GTK libraries, we should simply "go back" to the old GTK version that works and put some pressure on the GTK guys (the bug report seems to be written already).
Regards, ULFL