Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] [Wireshark-commits] rev 23560: /trunk/ /trunk/doc/: wireshar
From: Ulf Lamping <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 02:38:07 +0100
Sake Blok schrieb:
OK, so the colored icons are a good way of showing the user which color
they are selecting?
I think so
I will look into changing the icon colors on the
fly so that it will be possible to change the colors, which I think is
a SHOULD have :-)
makes sense, but isn't a "prio 1" for me
There are some other usability things that really needs to be solved:

- if no capture file is loaded, both "View/Colorize Conversation" and "View/Reset Coloring" are active and can be clicked - but nothing happens. A usability "no go".
Check, I will add sensitivity to these items.
"View/Reset Coloring" is still active if no capture file is loaded - is this intentional?
- the main menu and the context menu have a different structure which is a another "no go" IMHO. If it's not possible to have the "View/Colorize Conversation" menu the same way than the context menu, it's probably better to remove it completely from the main menu.
The reasoning behind this is as follows: I wanted to have the same options
in the context menu as the context menu "conversation filter", this gives
the user full control over whether ethernet, ip, tcp or udp should be
used as the conversation filter. For the hot-keys I needed something that
would choose the upper-most layer as the conversation filter, as this is
what would be used mostly (IMHO).
sounds reasonable
I could make the context menu the same
as the "View/Colorize Conversation" menu, but then I need to find a way
to distinguish whether the user pressed a hot-key or used the menu-structure
to keep the functionality of the hot-keys. Is something like that already
been done somewhere within Wireshark?
not that I know of
This applies as well for the "View/Reset Coloring".
Well, the "View/Reset Coloring" item is within a subsection about coloring
which doesn't disturb the other items in the menu. I did not want to make
the context menus unnecessary longer, so there I put this within the coloring sub-menus. If it is really not done to have a little difference
between the main menu structure and the context menu structures I think
the "Reset Coloring" should be removed from the context menus rather than
have it one layer deeper in the View menu. What do you think?
Now I know what I don't like about the "Reset Coloring". It's too unspecific what it will to - will it reset the "Coloring Rules" as well? What about "Reset Conversation Coloring"?
PS Does "<ctrl>-space" work Windows for you? It doesn't on my laptop. In
   wanting to solve that, I built my first Windows development environment
   yesterday. To my surprise the "handrolled" Wireshark on my windows
   development box does indeed respond to <ctrl>-space. I'm wondering
   whether there is something else, just on my laptop, interfering.
"<ctrl>-space" is reserved for showing the windows own window dialog - the same that you'll get when you'll click at the top left of each window. You might need to find a better hotkey ;-)
Regards, ULFL