Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Wireshark 0.99.7pre1 is now available
From: "Maynard, Chris" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 23:53:38 -0500
FYI: I was able to successfully build the U3 installer using the latest SVN version (currently 23616).  So hopefully whatever changes were made post-0.99.7pre1 to get this to work were applied to the upcoming 0.99.7 trunk.  Unfortunately, the portable apps installer still fails.  I think it fails because I had already built the U3 installer and so some (28) dll's were already marked as being "packed by UPX", which caused the following to happen:

		[snipped for brevity, but 24 more "already packed by UPX" preceded these 4]
		upx: host\libtiff3.dll: AlreadyPackedException: already packed by UPX
		  39033556 ->   4835328   12.39%    win32/pe     libwireshark.dll
		upx: host\lua5.1.dll: AlreadyPackedException: already packed by UPX
		upx: host\pcre.dll: AlreadyPackedException: already packed by UPX
		upx: host\smi.dll: AlreadyPackedException: already packed by UPX
		    566176 ->     81920   14.47%    win32/pe     wiretap-0.3.1.dll
		     73728 ->     34816   47.22%    win32/pe     zlib1.dll
		   --------------------   ------   -----------   -----------
		  39673460 ->   4952064   12.48%                 [ 3 files ]
		Packed 31 files: 3 ok, 28 errors.
		NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\wireshark-win32-libs\upx301w\upx.exe' : return co
		de '0x2'

Ulf, not sure why you're having the "access denied" problem.  I can only suggest a setup, distclean and recompile, as painful and time consuming as that might be.
- Chris


From: [email protected] on behalf of Ulf Lamping
Sent: Mon 11/26/2007 9:07 PM
To: Developer support list for Wireshark
Subject: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Wireshark 0.99.7pre1 is now available

Maynard, Chris schrieb:
> I've been away on vacation, so I hope it's not too late to report this (maybe it's been reported/fixed already?), but I tried to build a U3 installer from the 0.99.7pre1 sources, and it failed as follows:
>         if not exist data\"My Captures" mkdir data\"My Captures"
>         if not exist manifest mkdir manifest
>         cd ..\tools
> NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'cd' : return code '0x1'
> Stop.
> NMAKE : fatal error U1077: '"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Bin\N
> MAKE.EXE"' : return code '0x2'
> Stop.
> Trying to build the portable apps installer failed identically.
I've tried to reproduce with current SVN, and got:

1> xcopy ..\..\..\tshark.exe host /d /y
1>1 Datei(en) kopiert (1 file copied)
1> xcopy u3util.exe host /d /y
1>1 Datei(en) kopiert
1> C:\wireshark-win32-libs\upx301w\upx.exe device\plugins\0.99.8\*.dll
1>Zugriff verweigert (access denied)
1>NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\wireshark-win32-libs\upx301w\upx.exe' :
return code '0x1'

Anyone with a knowledge how this should look like could have a look?

Regards, ULFL
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