Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] PortableApps Wireshark feedback
From: Ulf Lamping <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 06:25:25 +0100
Maynard, Chris schrieb:
UPX indicates "very fast decompression", but there's bound to be some time penalty vs. not compressing the executable.  Nevertheless, it seems worth doing to me as well - at least trying it out to compare the difference in installation time, space, etc.  And if the executable decompresses as fast as it's advertised to, then I'd vote to do it ... but I guess we won't know for sure until we try it out.
Well, compressing might be a good thing anyway, as the size on at least todays sticks is limited.
BTW: It took about 3 minutes to install it on my "medium quick" USB stick.

What I'm more concerned about the current U3 and PortableApps generation is: maintainability!

I've seen the WinPcap version at least 5 times! and the Wireshark version at least once hardcoded into the scripts (which is a no go!).
As I had updated the NSIS packaging to WinPcap 4.0.2 pretty quickly, it 
took me about an hour to find all places to update on the U3 and 
PortableApps packaging.
As I've recently updated my NSIS to 2.32, the previously "installed" 
FindProcDLL.dll was gone.

This can't be the way to go in the future!!!

Regards, ULFL