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From: "Kukosa, Tomas" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2007 21:54:04 +0100
I thought it would not be necessary to document it as is was planned just like temporary option for short period till we update all ber dissecors.
The lifetime of this option is longer than I expected but I hope it is near till its end of life.
When all BER dissectors can be generated with -X -T I will change their behaviour to default and both will be removed.


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I think -X was "reused" for this purpose and the aim is to make "-X"
The default behaviour once all BER dissectors is regenerated using -X.
Still you're right it should be documented.

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/trunk//trunk/epan/dissectors/: packet-snmp.c
packet-snmp.h/trunk/asn1/snmp/: Makefile.common snmp.cnf

On Sun, Nov 04, 2007 at 04:47:36PM +0000, [email protected] wrote:
> Log:
>  SNMP with option -X and -T

Hmm, it looks like -X is everything but obsolete - maybe the following
comment shoudl go:
    #if o in ("-X",):
        #    warnings.warn("Command line option -X is obsolete and can
        #    be removed")

Also, -X should get documented in the command line help.

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