Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] How to capture original packet ?
From: "Maynard, Chris" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 08:56:40 -0400
NISTnet was definitely a pain to set up, but I've got a working system
with it, so I guess I still use it because it's already configured and
ready to go ... and because I just never took the time to play with
netem (or any others).  But I'm sure you're right, either netem or Jeff
Morriss's suggestion of using FreeBSD's dummynet is probably the way to

- Chris

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My advice: Stay away from NISTnet. It's outdated, and buggy. A far more 
clean and maintained solution is the netem feature of the Linux Kernel.
See http://linux-net.osdl.org/index.php/Netem


Maynard, Chris wrote:
> Shunra also offers some excellent products, but I recall them being
rather expensive. (http://www.shunra.com/products)
> Most of the time I simply use Nistnet for this purpose though:
<http://www-x.antd.nist.gov/nistnet/> .  It's free.
> - Chris
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> Hello Vivek,
> Maybe you're mxing up some things.
> From what you write I conclude that what you actually might want to do
> "intercept" (=prevent that it is receptioned on a higher layer) a
> rather than just "capture" (=get a copy of its content) it.
> If so, then Wireshark is not the tool to do it.
> And I doubt that there is any tool for doing this easily.
> If you want a machine that stands in a transmission path and adds
delay (or
> other perturbations) to packets, then what you need is probably a PC
> two network interfaces, capturing from one, applying the perturbation
> then playing back onto the other.
> Some comercial solutions based on this principle exist: Netdisturb,
> Simlulator, ...
> Regards,
> Lars Ruoff
>         On 10/11/07, Vivek Satpute <[email protected]> wrote:
>                 Respected Sir/Madam,
>                 I am student of Pune University, doing project on WAN
> Emulator.
>                 I have following query :
>                 wireshark uses the libpcap library which gives the
copy of
> packet.
>                 So, How to capture the original packet at data link
layer or
> network layer ?
>                 We want to experiment the behavior by adding delays to
> packets, and
>                 that is why we want the actual packet and a copy of
> wont serve purpose.
>                 Thanks in advance.

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