Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] tshark: drop features "dump to stdout" and"readfilter" - con
From: "Maynard, Chris" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 11:00:37 -0400
Hmm, I wonder what the point of doing "tshark -w - > /some/file" is when
you could just do "tshark -w /some/file"?

Anyway, I tried it and it seems to work better, although compared to the
0.99.6 version, the output differs given the same options.  I would
expect the output to be the same, no?

Running "tshark.exe -p -i 4 -f icmp -c 4 -w - > tsharktest.cap":

"C:\wireshark-gtk2\tshark.exe" -r tsharktest.cap
  1   0.000000 -> 74
  2   0.000272 -> 74
  3   1.002940 -> 74
  4   1.003186 -> 74

"C:\Program Files\Wireshark\tshark.exe" -r tsharktest.cap
No log handling enabled - turning on stderr logging
  1   0.000000 -> 74 ICMP Echo (ping) request
  2   0.000305 -> 74 ICMP Echo (ping) reply
  3   1.001864 -> 74 ICMP Echo (ping) request
  4   1.002157 -> 74 ICMP Echo (ping) reply

- Chris

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Maynard, Chris wrote:
> FYI: I was able to test this on a Windows PC, but it doesn't appear to
be working.  I could be doing something wrong since I hardly ever use
tshark, but I compared the output of a 0.99.6-tshark with the output of
an SVN-23125-tshark with the following command line:

When using "-w -" you're telling tshark to write the *PCAP* data to 
stdout so normally I'd do:

tshark -w - > /some/file

And then:

tshark -r /some/file

to read it back in/display it.
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