Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Problems with the newly modified and compiled wpcap.dll
From: "Varuna De Silva" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 14:00:29 +0530

> >         dp = &dispbuff[0]; /*pointer to the data*/
> >
> >         /* Call the user supplied callback function */
> >         callback(user, &pcap_header, dp);
> >
> >         processed++;
> >
> >     }while(processed<cnt);

> For your testing, you probably want to add a packet count variable,
> giving the number of packets that are in the dispbuff array, and then do

>         do{

>                 ...

>        }while (processed < packet_count && (cnt == 0 || processed < cnt));

 I did so the way you suggested. But the problems keeps the same I still get the
earlier error message, but the packets are displayed. But I am not able to
stop it or do any thing on the GUI, that I think is because of high memory usage
of the program.

> > I had not implemented it before,

> So what did you set the "stats_op" member of the pcap_t to?
I had it before, but only a prototype returning zero without doing any thing.

> > " Couldnt set capture buffer size
> > Size 1MB seems to be too high for your machine
> > default is 1MB
> > Any way capture started. "
> >

> No, it comes with the Win32-only pcap_setbuff() routine not being set
> up to handle add-on capture interfaces such as yours.  I'll have to
> look at how to fix that.

Does this mean in any way that we cannot do it , or that we will have
to wait on until it comes  Or can we carry on and get our stuff in it ?
Is it just that this message will display while our capture will work? :-)

Looking forward for your favorable response!

Best regards