Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Alternative to USBPcap and Possibility of
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From: "Varuna De Silva" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 10:17:50 +0530

> > This is what we hope to do, we will use the filter driver, of
> > snifferusb2.0, and hope to get the raw usb packets, then I will write the porting
> > file ( the
> > famous pcap-xxx.c file), similar to one which we are doing
> > to integrate our hw, and integrate it with pcap-win32.
> >
> >Since this sniffer is also opensource, hope its ok.

> I don't see any license on the code from

>        http://benoit.papillault.free.fr/usbsnoop/

For some reason, I cant reach here now.

> so presumably there's no issue of license incompatibility with the BSD
> license for libpcap/WinPcap.

> However, he doesn't have a 2.0 version; where did you find the 2.0
> version?

This is where it is

In fact its almost the same I guess, except for few neat-ups for code.

> > The next question is that, we are able to have the piece of
> > HW that we developed and which will be in a working condition by the
> > mid of
> > next month, as an Opensource HW platform compatible with
> > (If not only with) Wireshark. It can intercept a physical TDM line,
> > to display the messages going on it. Is anything like this
> >possible with wireshark.

> "Possible with Wireshark" in what sense?  If that's the hardware for
> which you're developing the SS7 support in WinPcap, it should be
> possible to make it work - that's what you're doing.

Sorry I shouldve elaborated. What I mean is to have it as a permanent
extension, to wireshark, in the sense, anybody who want to have this
card and the interface can have it free. We can have all the circuitry and
design on the wireshark website.

We are ready to give all the rights to the community, in whatever licensing
required, and we dont expect any money or any other service charge or etc.
We are ready to support, as and when anybody requires help and so on.

Why we want it to be supported by wireshark is for several reasons.
1. We are a set of students from a poor uni from a poor country and dont
have necessary funds to have our own site and have full time dedicated to it.

2. The circuitry is designed with industry standard ICs which is readily available
and the entire card can be developed by one at around maximum $100. Quite
cheap, we did nt even spend that much per card, because we got samples from
Dallas Maxim

3. Theres much to be developed especially from the software level.

Anyway I am not aware of any legal issues which applies to you, but just
got the feeling somebody can make use of our work, and better not let it
keep dusting after our project. If this is not possible just push this to trash.

Thanks alot

Varuna Xavier