Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] SNMP/MIBs TO DO
From: "Kukosa, Tomas" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 09:21:14 +0200
Hello Luis,

during your changes the dissector table "snmp.variable_oid" gets lost.
Dou you plan to put it back?
I have already implemented it two times and did not expect that I would
need to implement it third time.



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> Hi List,
> As many of you might have noticed I rolled out the new OID Support
> stuff, and adapted SNMP and  COPS  to use it. I'm aware that it is
> going to create some of you some problems. I'm sorry, but  for
> personal reasons I either did it this weekend or I would not even know
> when I would had had the continuous time to do it.
> There's still some things to do and I putting down a list so others
> can add to it or help me out with it.
> - Some SNMP dissector changes are still to be tested, there are some
> features that I have already deployed and due to the lack of capture
> files I could not test them myself.
>    - OctetString Indexes (both implied and not) -- Some RMON tables
> use them, traces are welcome
>    - Traps
> - Fix the outstanding bugs (those related to OIDs being 
> copied into COL_INFO)
> - Negative testing (fuzzing, willfully malformed oids and stuff like
> that, someone make a comment about a program that generates funky SNMP
> packets)
> - Come up with a list of default MIBs and PIBs (there was a
> /*comment*/ in the snmp code (now gone with the surrounding code)
> saying that we should not, should we?)
> - the mapping of OID->attribute in COPS is still incomplete
> - we are missing the PIBs  (like MIBs but for COPS)  in the 
> libsmi zipfile
> - Some OIDs (not from MIBs) are added more than once during protocol
> registration, I'm currently having them renamed each time.
> - There are oids being registered with long names like "itu-t(0)
> identified-organization(4) etsi(0) mobileDomain(0) gsm-Network(1)
> map-ac(0) networkLocUp(1) version3(3)"
> - There are others that attempt to be registered with "funky" oid
> strings "dop.agreement." or "x411.extension-attribute.27"
> which are not resolvable (I tried to fix these but they come from deep
> into asn2wrs and I could not figure out how to get it fixed).
> - I added some macros to oids.h to replace the obsoleted oid-related
> calls in oid_resolv.h  to_str.h and format-oid.h, it would be nice to
> actually rewrite the invocations.
> Setting the environment variable WIRESHARK_DEBUG_MIBS to 1 or more
> should get print-outs for these.
> BR
> Luis
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