Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] p2p_dir
From: Richard van der Hoff <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 01:14:42 +0100
Richard van der Hoff wrote:
Guy Harris wrote:

Richard van der Hoff wrote:

It seems better to use pinfo->p2p_dir for this.
That would make sense, especially given that, for WTAP_ENCAP_ISDN, 
dissect_frame() sets pinfo0>p2p_dir based on the setting of 
Well, it does now I've made it do so... ;)
Oh, I'm talking rubbish. I was thinking of dissect_isdn, which I'd been 
meaning to modify to do that, but as you quite correctly point out, 
dissect_frame already does it.