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From: "Kukosa, Tomas" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 10:15:49 +0200
Sorry, as I have only Windows build environment I missed that
non-Windows makefile is wrong.
The makefile.nmake contains "-p q932.ros -o q932-ros" options making
what you want.
I could change non-Windows makefile but I can not test it.

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/trunk/epan/dissectors/: packet-q932-ros.c packet-q932-ros.h
packet-q932.c packet-qsig.c /trunk/asn1/q932/:
packet-q932-ros-template.c packet-q932-template.c /trunk/asn1/qsig/: ...

Kukosa, Tomas wrote:

> do not you like dot in protocol name? :-)

I don't mind dots in protocol names.

I *do*, however, mind when I cd to asn1/q932 and do "make" and it 
creates files with names other than the ones the dissector have in 
epan/dissectors, e.g. packet-q932.ros.c rather than packet-q932-ros.c.

If you can change the asn1/q932 directory so that typing "make" there 
generates packet-q932-ros.c, but with the protocol name being "q932.ros"

and the field names starting with "q932.ros" - or so that typing "make" 
there generates packet-q932.ros.c, with the protocol name being 
"q932.ros" and the field names starting with 'q932.ros" - and then 
rename epan/dissectors/packet-q932-ros.[ch] to 
epan/dissectors/packet-q932.ros.[ch], and check in the newly-generated 
dissector, that'd be fine.
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