Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] --enable- vs. --with-, and --with-extra-gcc-checks and --with-wa
From: Guy Harris <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 09:53:15 -0700
autoconf's model is that --enable- options are for use with features you
turn on and off, and --with- options are for use with external packages
(libraries, etc.) with which to link the software.

The help message from configure scripts reflects that model:

Optional Features:
  --disable-FEATURE       do not include FEATURE (same as
  --enable-FEATURE[=ARG]  include FEATURE [ARG=yes]


  --enable-threads        use threads in wireshark. [default=no]
  --enable-profile-build  build profile-ready binaries. [default=no]


Optional Packages:
  --with-PACKAGE[=ARG]    use PACKAGE [ARG=yes]
  --without-PACKAGE       do not use PACKAGE (same as --with-PACKAGE=no)
  --with-gnu-ld           assume the C compiler uses GNU ld [default=no]
  --with-pic              try to use only PIC/non-PIC objects [default=use


  --with-pcap[=DIR] use libpcap for packet capturing.
  --with-zlib[=DIR] use zlib (located in directory DIR, if supplied) to
                          read compressed data. [default=yes, if

The match isn't perfect (arguably, "--with-pic" should be
"--enable-pic"), but it's fairly close.

I've checked in changes to have "--enable-extra-gcc-checks" and
"--enable-warnings-as-errors", rather than "--with-extra-gcc-checks" and
"--with-warnings-as-errors", to match that.