Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] New dissector for OpcUa protocol
From: Gerhard Gappmeier <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2007 19:48:50 +0200
Hi Ulf

Ulf Lamping schrieb:
> Hi Gerhard!
> Sorry, that I didn't respond, but I'm currently pretty busy in another 
> project :-(
> Some things I've noticed while doing a quick view:
> a lot of the code seems to be autogenerated (as the comments suggest)
> It might make sense to include the sources and the build process instead 
> of the intermediate files (if the amount of code/tools to build the 
> files seems reasonable). The reason: When people start to hack your code 
> (e.g. to remove warnings on a compiler you don't even think about), 
> you'll might get into annoying trouble with merging code the next time 
> you've update the upcua files.
I'm sorry, but I cannot give you the sources of the code generator,
because they are owned by the OPC Foundation.
I only extended the existing code generator to produce also wireshark code.
It's .Net based so I guess you don't want to have it anyway ;-)
I already tested the plugin with VC6 and GCC3.4.6 to compile error and
warning free.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you find some issues with other compilers.
> The example capture file seems pretty short regarding the code size. 
> Having some more examples will make fuzz-testing more efficient - can 
> you provide some more diverse to test? Did you fuzz-test the code yourself?
I'll send you a bigger capture file as soon as possible.
> A wiki page about upcua would be nice :-)
NP, I can do that too.
Meanwhile you can take a look at
There is some information about it.

> I'll try to have a deeper look into your code next weekend, but I cannot 
> promise ...
Thanks in advance.
I just want to get it integrated as soon as possible.
1.) It's easier to maintain for me (no more two repos to sync)
2.) Some UA developers are already waiting for it and I want to avoid
that somebody else does the same work twice.
3.) It will be less work when OpcUa is finished.