Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Microsoft Visual C Version 6 support is a bitoutdated ...
From: "Douglas Pratley" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 09:41:30 -0000
We went through upgrades from MSCV 6 -> 7.1 -> 8 in my last job. The
only real problem we ran into (apart from all the code tweaks in the C++
to make it compile 6 -> 7.1, which is not relevant here) was in passing
dynamically allocated memory across binary boundaries.

If everyone has followed the guidelines and used the "g_" functions for
allocation and deallocation, then all memory should be being allocated
from one CRT, so it may well just all "work". Would it be worth checking
the code to make sure that it doesn't use other allocation functions

Of course, any bugs that occur if it doesn't just work will be
intermittent, awkward to find and fatal (or a security risk) if they do



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Gerald Combs wrote:
> Ulf Lamping wrote:
>> The biggest hurdle seems to be the different msvcrt.dll (C runtime 
>> library) versions for the libs we use, as Gerald already mentioned -
>> still thinking about the possibilities to solve this.
> If we need to we can split the packages subdirectory in
> wireshark-win32-libs into packages/msvcrt and packages/msvcr71.
Sounds like an approach to it.

I would like to avoid compiling libs "on our own" where possible - 
especially compiling GTK/GLib on Win32 "from scratch" doesn't sound like

a task I would really love to work on ;-)

However, if there's no other way ...

Regards, ULFL
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