Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] Adding "copy packet data" functionality to the packet list and p
From: "Douglas Pratley" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 10:01:54 -0000
Title: Adding "copy packet data" functionality to the packet list and packet details panes


There are a few items in the Wishlist about being able to copy packet data to the clipboard that I'm thinking of having a go at (partially) implementing. I'm not going to look at actually being able to edit the packet list, just being able to get data out of Wireshark.

I don't want to change the existing "Copy" in the details pane, so I'd be looking at adding a new menu item (a submenu):

Copy Packet Data >      As Text
                        As Hex
                        As Base64 (maybe)
                        As Binary (if possible)

As it would not be the standard "Copy" item, I don't think it should be added to the "Edit" menu.

Judging from comments in the Wishlist, it may not be possible to do a raw binary copy.

I think that the  menu item should copy the data _only_ for the selected part of the frame - effectively the bytes _highlighted_ in the bytes pane (otherwise it risks being a duplication of functionality in the bytes pane).

Similarly in the packet list pane:

Copy Summary Data >     As Text
                        As CSV

This would copy the column data as chosen in the preferences. I can't see that there is any meaning to copying the packet summary "as binary" (or some text encoding of the binary).

There's also a suggestion that it might be nice to be able to select multiple lines in the packet list and packet details panes. If this were possible, then it might make sense to add the "Copy Packet Data" menu to the packet list (as well as extending the standard "Copy" in the details pane to copy the displayed text). However, I'm not confident that I've understood the existing Select / Browse functionality - turning on "Browse" seems to lead to wierd behaviour in Windows / GTK2, and the code looks as if it inverts the Select / Browse setting. If anyone could let me know what this _should_ do I'd be grateful; also for any hints from anyone who has tried some of this before...



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