Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] I can't get the file libwireshark.dll
From: "Gosha" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2006 15:32:19 +0300
All Hi
When compiling wireshark v.0.99.3 to erase the following
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual
Studio\VC98\include\varargs.h(70) : warning C4005:
'va_start' : ma
cro redefinition
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual
Studio\VC98\include\stdarg.h(58) : see previous definition
 of 'va_start'
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual
Studio\VC98\include\varargs.h(72) : warning C4005: 'va_end'
: macr
o redefinition
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual
Studio\VC98\include\stdarg.h(60) : see previous definition
 of 'va_end'
/* my comment: here is the treatment of file
libwireshark.dll */ 
..\..\epan/ftypes/ftypes.h(250) : error C2054: expected '('
to follow 'WS_VAR_IMPORT'
..\..\epan/ftypes/ftypes.h(250) : error C2085:
'fvalue_t_free_list' : not in formal parameter list
..\..\epan/ftypes/ftypes.h(250) : error C2059: syntax error
: ';'
..\..\epan/ftypes/ftypes.h(254) : error C2449: found '{' at
file scope (missing function header?)


I have file "libwireshark.def" . 
It seems that from this file I can get the file
 "libwireshark.dll" necessary for compilation. 
Show me way to solve this problem?

Thank you on advance.