Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] FW: Listen_rtp plugin
From: "Anders Broman" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 23:55:36 +0200
Checked in. The patch didn't apply cleanly so it's partly applied
by hand please review it again. I also had to add 
	add_rtp_packet(pi, pinfo);
In voip_calls.c to make it compile without the library.

Best regards

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Ämne: Re: [Wireshark-dev] FW: Listen_rtp plugin

Here is a new patch with the following changes:
- Change the "listen_rtp" to "rtp_player"
- Change from a plugin to be part of the core
- By default it will not compile with the rtp_player. In order to 
compile it is necessary to:
       + For windows: uncomment the line 
"PORTAUDIO_DIR=$(WIRESHARK_LIBS)\portaudio_v18_1" in config.nmake
       + For linux: using the "--with-portaudio=yes"
- The current "/plugin/listen_rtp" directory should be removed from the 

    It'll be good if someone can review all the make files staff to see 
if I did that correctly (I tested with and without the compile options 
in Windows and Fedora Core 4).


Jacques, Olivier (OpenCall Test Infra) wrote:
>> Anders Broman (AL/EAB) wrote:
>>> Alejandro I think your proposed plugin looks realy good and 
>> something we 
>>> would have use for.
>>>  From the recent mails I'm a bit confused to where we stand 
>> on this. I 
>>> think Guy had some comments
>>> on the implementation, is that beeing worked on or is further 
>>> discussions needed?
>> I have a version that builds on OS X (not as a plugin) 
>> without doing any 
>> type-casting of function pointers.
>> I couldn't test it with one capture, though, as it appears to expect 
>> that the RTP packets carrying the voice part of the call (as 
>> opposed to 
>> the signaling part of the call) are part of the call as 
>> displayed by the 
>> graph of the call - but that's not the case with the H.323 
>> call in the 
>> capture.  Is the intent that voice packets be part of the 
>> call, or not?
> Guy, are you awaiting an answer from Alejandro? What prevents the
> inclusion (or enablement) of listen_rtp now that we have just passed a
> Wireshark release?
> Thanks,
> Olivier.
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