Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Anyone of the developers going to support Win98 (and alike)
From: Andreas Fink <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 12:55:42 +0200

On 28.08.2006, at 11:28, Guy Harris wrote:

Andreas Fink wrote:
To give you an example what you have to maintain for GTK2 on MacOS X.
This is the list of dependent packages to link to for GTK2 under MacOS X 






while the same with GTK1 is

Why is pcre required for GTK+ 2.x?  (I don't have it installed on all 
the Macs on which I build Wireshark, and I build with 2.4.)  It's 
required if you want to support regular _expression_ matching in search 
operations; it can, as far as I know, be used either with GTK+ 1.2[.x] 
or GTK+ 2.x.

This list just came as output from "fink show-deps ethereal" and the corresponding libraries.
I remeber that in previous versions there was even more. Cairo, Ghostscript and a lot of Font stuff where needed when Pango was included. That was really the nightmare to follow.

And why is any extra libpcap package required for GTK+ 2.x?  It *comes 
with the OS*, even if you *don't* install X11.  You need an SDK to get 
pcap.h and pcap-bpf.h, but you don't need that to install a binary, and 
the SDK you'd need comes with the OS.

libpcap is not needed. I agree. "fink" just think so. Or it might be a dummy package pointing to the OS

I'm not sure why you need "x11-dev" and "x11-shlibs" with GTK+ 2.x but 
not 1.2[.x] - you need the X11 SDK, but you'd need that even for GTK+ 
1.2[.x] (not surprisingly, it calls Xlib).  Are you building GTK+ 2.x 
from source, or are you using some (mis-)packaged binary GTK+ 2.x 

Again, I think those are virtual packages shown by "fink", representing what comes with the OS.

If you're building GTK+ 2.x from source, you can configure GTK+ 2.x 
without JPEG/PNG/TIFF support; it's not the default, but it makes things 

Actually JPEG/PNG/TIFF are the easy part to make work (I did that in the past for gdlib)
The hard work is pango and all the font stuff. Thats where I gave up last time.

How much work would it be to build a GTK replacement running on Aqua implementing only the limited amount of calls Ethereal is using off GTK?
As Ethereal is supporting GTK1 and GTK1 is not that big list of things, it shouldnt be too hard (after all Ethereal doesnt do anything fancy in the GUI)

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