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From: "ronnie sahlberg" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 15:03:50 +1000
Yes.   it would be useful with GUID->name resolution.

This could replace some of the current guid->name mappings that we do for example for the GUIDs inside some dcerpc policyhandles and also the ones for filename->giod tracking for smb2

There are also for dcerpc interfaces a fair number of known "magic" guids which would be useful if they could be resolved into a name.

I think we should add a guid  file  similar to the manuf file where well-known guid to name mappings could be stored.

since guids are "never" reused and also since we might preload the mapping table from a file  
that is why i recently changed the se_tree  code  to make it trivial to add a
pe_tree_...   type.   PErmanent tree   a tree with storage scope that is never released.

for the guid->name mapping i think we should use such a pe_tree_...   using pe_tree_[insert|lookup]_array.

On 8/17/06, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:

User: ulfl
Date: 2006/08/16 11:13 PM

various UUID/GUID based changes.

I think I've changed all corresponding appearances from FT_STRING to FT_GUID, so assert the FT_ type as it should only be a FT_GUID now.

Add a generic implementation in guid_utils.h to have a way to store data about GUID to name resolving (something like value_string for e.g. int). It might be better to have a single registry for all GUID's of all dissectors and implement the GUID name resolving into the proto_tree_add... functions.

Directory: /trunk/epan/dissectors/
  Changes    Path                     Action
  +45 -14    packet-dcerpc-epm.c      Modified
  +92 -65    packet-dcerpc.c          Modified
  +2 -19     packet-dcom-cba.c        Modified
  +2 -2      packet-dcom-remact.c     Modified
  +1 -1      packet-dcom-remunkn.c     Modified
  +146 -78   packet-dcom.c            Modified
  +11 -3     packet-dcom.h            Modified

Directory: /trunk/epan/
  Changes    Path               Action
  +2 -1      Makefile.common    Modified
  +88 -0     guid-utils.c       Added
  +19 -0     guid-utils.h       Modified

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